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Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical engineering

Practical Courses

Winter Semester


In the practical course, fermentation mixtures are prepared for the production of fruit brandy, and fermentation is monitored over 14 days by daily sampling and measurement of the must weight (Oechsle degree), the amount of gas formed, counting of the cell count and pH measurement. At the end of fermentation, the samples are analyzed for sugar and ethanol content using two different methods, the fermentations are distilled and the distillates are subjected to an optical enzymatic test and HPLC for ethanol content; the methanol content is determined by HPLC.

Summer Semester


In the practical course "Microbiology", basic techniques in handling microorganisms are taught. Emphasis is placed on the identification and cultivation of microorganisms. Furthermore, the importance of different pro- and eukaryotes for industrial biotechnology is emphasized.