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M.Phil Tajammul Hussain

M.Phil Tajammul Hussain Foto von M.Phil Tajammul Hussain

(+49)231 755-7491


TU Dortmund
FK Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen
LS Technische Biochemie
Emil-Figge-Str. 66
44227 Dortmund

Raum CT G1 6.13

Field of research

Cannabis sativa is one of the important plant used for different purposes for example as a source of oil, fiber and protein rich seed. However, it is also famous for its psychoactive properties and is used as a drug and medicinal purposes. Cannabinoids are valuable compounds found in this plant. These compounds are synthesized and stored in specialized structures known as trichomes. Although a lot of studies have been done on the pharmacological properties and biosynthetic pathways but very little information is available at genetic level. Until now cannabis trichomes are not well studied at transcriptomic level. Only few genes are known out of 100 reported cannabinoids. Therefore I would like to study transcriptome of trichomes in order to find the genes/enzymes that are involved in the cannabinoid biosynthesis. For example cannabichromene a well-known cannabinoid that is involved in the biosynthesis of cannabinoid and GPP synthase which is involved in the GPP formation from the condensation of IPP and DMAPP. I would also like to investigate whether cannabinoids biosynthesis occures in all tissues or they are synthesized only in trichomes and then transported to other tissues. Moreover I would like to identify regulatory element in trichome development. Overall this understanding at transcriptomics level could contribute in production of cannabinoids based pharmaceuticals as well as production of cannabinoids in yeast/bacteria or in cell free system.